Tuesday, August 15, 2006

SO it's been an odd week. This is a crazy world full of Wars, Outrageous Health Insurance Prices and Airplane Security Madness. What's a girl to do? Find interesting news stories and hope everyone comes to their senses.
Take the mysterious cleaned house. So every so often, your house gets entered and cleaned. What do you do? Wait for a bill, hope it keeps happening? Read here for the true story.
Christian radio doesn't make enough money, so they might as well sell sex radio. Read here.
Loud Barry Manilow music scares off Australian gangs, but keeps the neighborhood awake, here.
And then there's advertising on eggs, really!

So this pic, comes from one of the all time great cartoons. 'Bully For Bugs'.
A friend and I were discussing the merits of farm sayings. 1- Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Yeah, if you get something for free, don't questions it's quality immediately. Besides, ick, horses mouths full of teeth and spit! 2- Why did the chicken cross the road? click here to find out. 3- Grab the bull by the horns. That's the reason for today's pic. Personally if it's me, I say, 'Run as fast as you can'. Who want's to be on the business end of a bull? I can't think of a worse place to be.
Oh and just for fun, go here. Learn many things, you thought unknowable!