Sunday, January 14, 2007

So apparently this cat got a credit card in the mail. He has a very sophisticated name, so the bank thought he was eligible. Go's been an exciting week listening to all the new tech and stuff podcasts about Apple's MacWorld show and the CES show in Vegas. I think I'll add attendance to MacWorld to my lifetime goals list.
Meantime, I've been working lots, trying to ignore world politics and being sick. I've been playing with the Stumble Upon button on Firefox and running into interesting sites.
Some of these sites include: Banned Books. a great list of books that have been banned for some reason or other. Scratch. A new programming language. I dunno it might be fun to learn a new programming language. I was watching the Zamboni at a hockey game last night and wondering if I could turn that into a video game. AtomFilms. Short film projects- it's what podcasts and YouTube used to be. Still Fun. Best Movie Mistakes. A huge list of movie screw ups, though often invisible to the eye, fun to watch for. Make Magazine. I keep hearing about this and thought I should check it out.