Friday, August 25, 2006

Alas Pluto, we knew thee well...
So Pluto's been demoted! I can hardly believe it!
This brings up so many questions!

1- Will Dell be kicked out of the computer continuum? First their customer service goes down the drain, now their batteries are up in smoke. Really the problem is Sony, but it's not going to do Dell any good, dude.
2- Pasta or Noodles? Who will win the great war?
3- Cats or Dogs? I prefer the inimitable attitude of cats. But hey some people like birds, hamsters or snakes. We all know who prefers hamsters and birds.
4- Chicken or Egg? Really there's no question. Egg! Always the egg! So the first bird had a few scales, that didn't stop him trying to fly.
5- Tomato- Fruit or Veggie? Well it's got seeds so it qualifies as fruit. More importantly To-MA-To or TO-Ma-TO?
6- London or New York? This map pic is my choice.

In other news: Hollywood is crazier then ever, the News is making it up as they go along and reality is far less entertaining than fantasy. Anything for a good story.

PS- Hey terrorist factions, stop flying public transportation! Start building your own flying contraptions, so the rest of us can travel without security nightmares!

PPS- RIP- Bruno Kirby

Sunday, August 20, 2006

So we are about to become a bigger solar system or a smaller solar system. The International Astronomical Union is going to vote soon on whether Pluto is still a planet and 3 other alleged space spheres are planets. Cool huh?
Meantime it's funny to see Astronomers and Astrologers duke it out. It's psychology vs. physics. Religion vs. science. Apples and oranges. eh. whatever.
Let's talk Apple. I'm a Mac fan, always have been since, computer camp all those years ago. I've used Amigas, Tandys, Commodores and the average IBM knock off. I own a self built Windows run PC, which I keep around mostly for Tech support for Mom and I'm interested to see what Microsoft does with Vista, whenever that is. I was way more excited by all the intersesting news from the recent Mac developers conference though. So this guy says to me, "you're using a Mac, that's your problem." Uh, yeah, we were dicussing your problem, actually. After using one of the Macs all today, without any hassle, I don't feel so ticked off as sorry for that guy.
From the funny side of life, Venture Bros. was hilarious tonite. And I caught a Simpsons ep. I had never seen before. Woohoo!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

SO it's been an odd week. This is a crazy world full of Wars, Outrageous Health Insurance Prices and Airplane Security Madness. What's a girl to do? Find interesting news stories and hope everyone comes to their senses.
Take the mysterious cleaned house. So every so often, your house gets entered and cleaned. What do you do? Wait for a bill, hope it keeps happening? Read here for the true story.
Christian radio doesn't make enough money, so they might as well sell sex radio. Read here.
Loud Barry Manilow music scares off Australian gangs, but keeps the neighborhood awake, here.
And then there's advertising on eggs, really!

So this pic, comes from one of the all time great cartoons. 'Bully For Bugs'.
A friend and I were discussing the merits of farm sayings. 1- Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Yeah, if you get something for free, don't questions it's quality immediately. Besides, ick, horses mouths full of teeth and spit! 2- Why did the chicken cross the road? click here to find out. 3- Grab the bull by the horns. That's the reason for today's pic. Personally if it's me, I say, 'Run as fast as you can'. Who want's to be on the business end of a bull? I can't think of a worse place to be.
Oh and just for fun, go here. Learn many things, you thought unknowable!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Well I might have more to say about trucks that are big billboards on wheels. Hello? Gas Prices? Global Warming? All to advertise casinos and what not.

In in the duh! news department, Pat Robertson says, 'Well it's hot as hell, I guess I do believe in global warming.' Okay I'm paraphrasing. It's nice when the dense people catch up. Now if we can change his assassination policies, maybe the rest of the world won't think we're such crazy egotistical idiots.

In You Tube news, big oil made a fake video about global science corruption or something. Let's keep the corporation going, use and abuse the small systems that help keep it real and in general make a mess. Oh wait we did. It's just amazing it took this long.

I shall have to resort to one of my favorite Savage Chicken cartoons.

Here's an interesting link with silly quizzes. I love silly quizzes.
And here's a cool link of artists desktops. I'm debating sending mine in. I'll let you know. It's almost as good as checking out people's fridges and medicine cabinets. You know you do.
There was a great episode of Monk and Psych, this past Friday. I love this new (to America) Cable short TV season. I think it pushes the creators to make the most and best of their creativity.

And lastly, this pic is of a famous Gingerbread style Victorian house in my great little city. It's currently up for sale!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

huh? There's a lot of things I like. I don't always discuss them with everyone, because I guess I put different things in different boxes. Sounds like the ideal thing to put on a blog. So here are my top 5 secret guilty pleasures, in no particular order:
Cartoons: ok, that's not a surprise, I also like anime. Anything that maks me laugh, feels my chest with a warm glow.
Fantasy Books: there is nothing better then getting lost in a make believe land, i'm always a little sad when it's over.
Marshmallows: it's such a made up food, not found in nature. I find them irresistible, by the handful.
'Skipping Class': well work really. There is nothing better than skipping out of work early to go see the opening day show of say a good pirate or space or dragon or superhero movie. And a good cartoon.
80's music: it can be so shallow or blasphemous, but I really enjoy a lot of it: Duran Duran, Wham!, Depeche Mode, the Cure, Cyndi Lauper, Madonna.
It's Madonna that brings us today's huh? Apparently, she's staging a crucifixion like scene in her current concert. I have nothing to say about various religious symbols or dogma. One of the reasons I like Madonna is that she does what she wants, she takes all the flack and still makes a success of it.
Religious leaders of the world are not pleased with the current goings on. Her Rome concert seems to have drawn mass hatred from said leaders. Interestingly, it may be the only time they've agreed on anything and are on the same side. So Kudos MO for accomplishing in 2 hours, what 1000's of years couldn't do. Unified Religion!
This pic is another of my guilty secrets, my Stikfas colllection.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

huh? Ugh! Hot, hot, hot. So this is a map off the weather channel website. I've never seen a map so pink! Pink is hotter than red! kinda scary... Yeesh. I feel blue. What a world.

I think I'll have to go immerse myself in some cartoons now.

But first I need to figure out why I wrote the sentence: I know that green frogs eat purple cranberries. For some reason this is on one of my many notes on my desk. It's definitely my writing. Huh.