Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ok, so I want to talk about libraries. Recently I learned that all of Philadelphia's libraries came within a hairs breadth of closing. I was kinda dumbfounded. I love libraries. I get my new library card as soon as possible when moving somewhere new. I have fond memories of walking to the library during summers in NY. I loved sitting in the big baseball glove chair at the library in San Diego. One of my life's goals is to visit the big libraries all over the world. I always feel at home walking into a library, a sense of calm comes over me. I know libraries are behind the times. They are struggling to find a space in the new world of digital research and e-readers. I love these things as well, though I believe every child should learn how to look a thing up in an actual book. (Ok I believe in a lot of things based on the idea that you'll need some skills and tools when the zombie apocalypse comes)
So go to your local library. Thank someone behind the desk. Let your local politician know you love your library. If you live in Iowa or Georgia, check out the Geekthelibrary.org site. OR go to to your local library and get a 'What Do You Geek?" bumper sticker. If you see Bill gates, tell him and his foundation thanks for running that campaign, tell him you want to see it in your state next time.
Learning is Good People! Let's Keep It Up

Now Just For Fun:
my new favorites are : Top Chef, Ace of Cakes, Dragonfruit, Elephant Appreciation Day, Christopher Moore and clay!