Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A new Target opened near my house today. Whoever thought of Target as a name and logo is brilliant. I've seen that Target symbol with no name and it's just so obvious what the store is.
I've started watching 'Life', 'Hotel Babylon' and 'Torchwood' And have been pleasantly surprised. And 'pushing daisies' is cool. plus all the old faves of CSI and L & O. I keep wanting to goto the movies, but there's not much out. Plus I've been helping out with some convention planning and it's taking up time. I'll be glad when it rolls over.
meantime, I've been trying to work up some portfolio pieces to show some versatility and graphics ability. Plus all the rest of life. Work is quieter, but steady.
Pics of Kisa being a bad cat. And the recent repaint of the original Laughing Lion for my art site and just to have around.