Monday, March 26, 2007

Well sometimes I've overwhelmed by this insatiable appetite for cuteness. Which is why I bought these St. Pat's cupcakes. It might have been an overwhelming sugar craving, too. Still I remember when I was little and we made a special trip every year for new school clothes. The place we went was special, because they were the only place for miles with Sanrio stuff. Now there are stores in every mall. Ah, childhood nostalgia; it always seems to involve stuff that people take for granted in the present time.
So I haven't written an entry in a while, because I've been trying to buy a house. I've never bought a house and so had no idea it was such a long, annoying, aggravating, red-tape wrapped process. Ugh. At some point, hopefully, I'll get to a place where I can start a separate blog about it, since the house I'm currently interested in, needs remodeling. I figure any house I get will need work and what better way to share with far flung family, the whole housing experience. Enough of that!
How awesome was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Another nostalgic experience of youth. The new movie was v. cool. Great animation, such detail! Cool story, just the right amount of silliness and darkness. Totally Cool Dude!
I've started using Yojimbo, to keep track of ideas and projects. It's great and it syncs between computers.
I also caught up on Scrubs. I love the ole DVR, set it to record some show and it pulls in as many as possible, until I'm all caught up. Tech is great!
I'm currently in the middle of Princess Tutu.
This comic, Mows, has been keeping me laughing, through all the red tape. Very keen on cats, this comic is.
Sleep now, more later!