Friday, December 02, 2005

So I just found out that my favorite new TV show is cancelled. (Threshold) Ack! This is why I stick to cartoons and Law and Order. I pick a new show, I like it, then those crazy execs take it away. The thing is, always think I could run a TV station better then those guys. I always think that. I wouldn't want to. I mean really, can you successfully run a business designed to make everyone happy? Ain't gonna happen.
Still I do think there are a lot of new media trends happening that a lot of big business execs are trying hard to ignore. It seems like I'm always reading mournful stories about music/TV/movie execs that are doing nothin' but whining about industry changes and piracy and what not. Personally they need to wake up and smell the rum! (pirate theme going...) Find a way to work within all the new system of downloads and DVR's. Oh and stop making me pay for hordes of parties and limos and drinks. Let's get some reasonable pricing! Thanks Steve Jobs!
Don't get me wrong, I don't favor Piracy, unless it involves Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom. In fact, I can't think of a better way to show my support for artistic creativity then to spend a few bucks. I never want to be on the crappy side of a copyright issue, being an artist myself, I know it sucks to have people steal your stuff.
Still, I read something that made me say, "huh? Cool" High praise indeed from a California girl. And what it was is that some ad execs decided to have an all commercial channel for DVR's, You know cool commercials with interactive information about the products. Kind like Web ads, but on TV. "Yo! Ho HO!" I say. I have to secretly admit I do sometimes rewind and watch the cool ads. And hey who doesn't remember all those cool Nissan ads, you know, the one where the Adventure action figure sweeps Barbie off into a sporty Nissan and the one...

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

So what this is it? Blogging. Really I wasn't going to do this, I just signed up to leave a comment on the excellent Then I thought hey, I might as well publish my stupid thoughts about all the crazy stuff in the world that makes me go "huh"? I thought that after I found out my new favorite TV was cancelled. More on that tomorrow.
Stuff that made me say "What the..." today:
The Chinese Government is upset that some of it's citizens are portraying Japanese characters in the new Geisha movie. This has something to do with the treatment of the Chinese people by the Japanese occupation in ww 2. (or does it have to be II?) Does this strike anyone else as horrifically ironic? this is the same government that can't seem to leave the small little region once know as Tibet. But that's life for you full of ironic hypocrisy, or what we could call, politics. yeesh, let's hope this is my last political post, ever.
oh yeah and this guy down the street was moving into his new house last night and got shot. When 2 carjackers asked for his keys, he turned them over and they shot him anyway. And in other local news, some other guy robs an adult novelty shop and hugs the cashier on the way out, apologizing for the robbery, saying, "it's Christmas soon and I need to raise the money".
Is it any wonder that more and more people live in the world of media. Personally I prefer my iPod world, especially when the iPod is reading my mind and playing exactly what I want to hear, even set on shuffle.
Not that anyone cares, but hey, that's what blogs are for, I can pretend someone cares.