Thursday, September 14, 2006

Well, it's been an interesting few days, if you're a Mac fan! Apple is stepping up the ladder again, I always look forward to seeing what Apple will do next.

Meantime, I've worked my butt off to get my Art site, Laughing Lion, going. Now I'll list it in the links. I have a long way to go and a lot of files and code to sort through, but there's nothing as great as the first plunge!

In funny news, JK Rowling challenged security to allow her to carry her manuscript of the 7th Harry Potter book, when flying home recently. Apparently she had to talk them out of checking it, maybe she already had her allotment of carry on bags. I have to say, with the new changes, I'm not looking forward to my coming flight to LA.

I love the smell of new television in the air! The summer series are finished, great stuff (Monk, Psyched, the Closer, and oddly Blade). On to the new season! Nice that Tv finally figured out that people like new shows all the time!

I read in Wired recently that entertainment has finally come back to how it was before Movies & TV made entertainment a Media industry. Apparently people use to pick what they liked and small independent ebtertainment was king. This is back in the days when life was more community minded. And the other side of that coin is talked about in the great book, The World is Flat, by Thomas L. Friedman. It's a small world, getting smaller, thanks to technology. Now if we could get government hip to all this news and really equalize the world...

Ah, I look forward to the social Utopia, that is Star Trek, but I worry it'll turn out more like Alien(s).

So this pic, is one of the art pieces I've put on my website.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

I'm sure hell is about to freeze over since the emmys ended on time. Conan O'Brien didn't kill Bob Newhart at the emmys. He threatened to, if the show ran over, it didn't and the whole thing was hilarious. The world is still falling apart. And in general life is getting stranger. I don't think I can comment on the odd insanity that is international politics. It's like watching kids in a sandbox, being mean to each other.
In this weeks '3 things' (now in the links list), Jenna talks about how big tobacco has added more nicotine to smokes. Geez, I'm glad I already went through the quitting thing. And after seeing lung cancer in action, I'm very, very, really glad. So we kill other people, we kill ourselves.
I tend to 'wander off' when reality gets to be too much. Yesterday, I started thinking about what would I do if I had only free time. Money to cover expenses, no need to work. So my list would be something like this:
Paint and Illustrate a whole lot.
Devote more intense time to study Japanese and Spanish. Translate stuff for fun.
Spend a day a week catching up on reading.
Learn Apple scripting. Make some Widgets.
Animate all those cartoon versions of music videos wandering in my brain.
Take up T'chi and Karate.
Catch up on my Anime watching.
Play with my websites and work on a few others.
Add to my Stikfas collection.
Try new art things, play with a few others for no reason, except to experiment.
Travel. To Australia, Japan, England, Greece, Finland, Arizona, Spain, Vancouver, Toronto.
Think of new things to do in my free time.

So this pic, comes from a Korean site about a guy who folds Origami into the shapes of Spaceships. Cool....Oh well, back to reality.