Monday, December 31, 2007

Sweeney Todd was amazing. I never knew a musical could be so bloody. And I started a t-Shirt Gallery at And now it's a new year. And I have the hiccups. Very random. This art is from one on my shirts

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

It's been another odd holiday. Not much too it so far. Saw Enchanted, laughed a lot. Nice of Disney to send themselves up so cutely. Waiting to see Sweeney Todd. Saw NT: Book of Secrets, but as a family thing. Fun. Helped my dad set up a blog where he plans to air his thoughts on the world. I saw some of it and fully expect the CIA to take an interest. I'm visiting the folks in Florida. They have a cat who has been previously hostile to me, though she seems to like me now. But I still have scratches to show for it. Eh. Work has been slow, still. So I'm trying to spend my time not dwelling on that, but trying to send out portfolio samples and resumes and stuff, just to see if anything happens. It occurred to me that I spent the last year or two wishing work would change and so it might be. Really, if I am going to believe that my thoughts change my life, then I should remember I do.

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