Sunday, June 14, 2009

I finally made this image into a tshirt!
Here's a list of things, thoughts and music on the trip back from Florida.

Things I Saw: A billboard with a George Carlin quote ("people driving slower are idiots. people driving faster are maniacs"), oranges for sale, a mean billboard about Richmond Hill, GA (undeserved), a zillion of those construction barrels and like 10 Harley Davidson stores.
Music I Heard: Dolly Parton, Dandy Warhols, David Lee Roth, Oranges & Lemons, ALI project, X, Tank! and Lily Allen.
Things I Thought About: The nature of lightning, Dave and Busters, being glad I had ridden on the slippery go-carts so I knew what to do when my brakes locked up, the nature of a near death experience, Brisingr and how happy my cats might be to see me (mediocre).