Monday, October 16, 2006

There's always a point, when you're out of town, when you're ready to go. That's where I am right now. The goal of the trip is finished, I went to my friends wedding. So all those plans worked somehow. But I hardly ever reach this point at the same time as I'm actually leaving. Like I'm going to spend a day with grandma now. I go home tomorrow. I look forward to it, but I also look forward to going home.
I missed the Japanese gardens in Balboa Park, San Diego. I guess they closed a little early that day. So I'll have to go back. I spent plenty of moolah and eaten a ton of food. Been to visit like a gazillion people and watched a very California wedding, complete with LAPD helicopters flying over. They zoomed off at the end, I guess they found their criminal.
There's always a point in all this sort of activity where I unconsciously start comparing my life, which is a bit odd, to the lives around me, which seem normal. I'm not married, I don't have any kids, I don't work for some big firm, I don't have an agent....
So then I have to spend a few moments thinking about what I do have.
Hey did I mention that my neighbor called the police on me? For noise disturbance. The police were very nice, they asked some questions about my activites. (up late packing, but very quietly) Then decided not to issue me a 'noise ticket.' Still, I didn't sleep very well, before my early flight. It was all very nerve racking.
Let's not count that experience under "do have!"
One of the things I do have is this new orchid, which smells a bit like cocoa. That's the pic, this time round.