Thursday, April 12, 2007

Yo! I just realized it's less then a month away! Spider-Man 3! Cool! Bring on the summer blockbuster! I saw Meet the Robinsons 3D. Cute and real great animation detail.
And I might be closer to buying a house! Things have been signed! Vast amounts of paperwork. Geez. I can't believe how much paperwork there is. I figure I'll keep a page of before and after pics and details up for the friends and family out there past the city limits! It's all exciting and frightening at the same time. A bit like a roller coaster. The Hulk in Islands of Adventure, Universal at Orlando Florida is my favorite coaster. Though the Spider-Man ride down there is v. cool.

I recently went on this organization binge and started using iCal and Yojimbo to keep my brain clear. The idea being, get stuff out of your brain. I feel like I'm getting more stuff done, it's weird how that works. Being the artistic type, I know it's a good idea to write down ideas and scribbles, since ideas are fleeting, but writing down all the stupid little stuff is great too.

I've been doing a few articles for That's been enjoyable, checking out new software and learning new stuff. Jonathan, the guy that started it, has asked for help, from a few people and it seems to be going well. Plus it's really great to share the Mac Love! I'm hoping to take some Mac certifications classes this year.

I was recently in the Smokey Mountains, NC and it snowed! I haven't seen snow in years. I can't say I really miss it, but it was pretty. But V. cold! it was icy all weekend and I had to buy a hat!

So one of these pics was a bit of the ice and snow from this weekend. The other hilariously was from an annual Big Wheel race, held on Lombard St. in San Francisco every year. I think I may have to put that on my to do list for future reference!

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