Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The one on the left is from the Japanese idea that Sea Horses grow to become Dragons. The one on the right is 'Rambo Shrimp'. (with 'hat' for Illustration Friday). Sometimes people say odd things and then pictures just pop into my head. I don't remember what I was doing when 'Rambo Shrimp' popped into my head. I also love the whole playing with words thing.
So I finally got a chance to see the 3-d Nightmare Before Christmas. It was really cool, of course, it was one of favs before the 3-d treatment, but I was really impressed with how well the textures showed up. I expected the Tim Burton movies to be well made, but to see all the texture and care taken with the stop motion models, was so cool!
Meantime, I just finished going through the Golden Compass books again and I'm becoming more leery of the movie. What with it being Disney, whitewashed, 'controversial' according to Christians, etc. It's just a great set of books and after being so burned by Eragon last year...
I'm enjoying my new copy of Leopard. It has made my iBook peppier. Mostly it's pretty cool, though there are a few oddities that make me go huh?
I'm sure there are plenty of things to go huh? over in the world, but I can't remember what they are. I did feel a little better voting today.

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