Saturday, August 30, 2008

I find it to be one of life's supreme ironies that you need a pair of scissors to open a package of scissors.
Also I'm still in iPhone worship mode. I've never had a smart phone before and it's brilliant! It reminds me of stuff, it keeps track of stuff I need to know, it cooks my meals! Loving my new iPhone.
Enjoyed Death Race. I know, I know, total camp and cheese, but man oh man do I love that Jason Statham. Plus a good ridiculously violent movie runs my adrenaline down low and then I can feel stress free for a while. It's like it curbs that deep monkey instinct to fight to the death and survive that humans must have had after coming down from the trees.
Also I loved Mamma Mia, Laurell Hamilton's Blood Noir and oddly, learning how to weave in one of my fall classes. I also found a great newish podcast called You Look Nice Today. It's funny, but hard to explain. Man am I busy, I feel like I have to concentrate my fun into intense little packets of time.

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