Thursday, December 24, 2009

Things I learned from Star Wars:

Double check the droids.
Timing is everything, so plan ahead.
Keep the crucial buttons suspended over hard to reach air shafts.
Use the controls before you blast them.
Make sure your lightsaber is fully charged.
You're never too short to be a stormtrooper.
Smuggling compartments are very handy.
Don't be too cocky, kid.
Trust the voices in your head.
Always let a wookie win at chess.

Things I learned from The Empire Strikes Back:

Don't be late, those blast doors won't stay open forever.
Taun-tauns have many uses.
Even the biggest machine can be brought down by a wire.
Be careful where you park your ship.
Make good use of a droids off button.
Never trust a bounty hunter.
There's a good chance the Empire has beat you to the best hiding places.
Don't screw with your boss, he's more powerful than you.
Pay your debts or get carbonited.
Have good medical coverage.

Things I learned from Return of the Jedi:

Help your friends and they'll repay it in kind.
Have a good translator when needed.
Don't rely on charm alone.
Never trust the odds.
Be careful who you kiss.
Not all cute things are friendly.
Lend your spaceship sparingly.
Try old passwords, because you never know.
Small help is better then no help.
Always have a back up plan.

These are playing all weekend this Christmas, so I've been watching on and off. These were my official entry into geekdom, though it took a while for me to figure it out. I wanted to be Princess Leia, like many girls who grew up around the time these movies came out, I suspect.
Also is is me or does any movie that starts with the Fox trumpeting seem wrong if it's not a Star Wars movie?

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