Friday, June 16, 2006

Okay, so let me get this straight... the Prez can seriously push for bigger fining for Hollywood, when a boob goes astray, based on the idea of 'Hollywood has to be responsible for the morality of kids'. (paraphrased)
But the war (and continuation of) is okay for the morality of kids?

On a lighter note, I find myself impressed with the post office. I am constantly amazed at the idea of sending a letter for $.39. The Post Office handles billions of pieces of mail a year and has a really good rate of getting it right. I don't know how many thousands of pieces of mail I've posted and received and I can count on one hand how many have gone wrong.
And to be able to mail a box overseas for the price of a movie is great.
This pic is just a random picture of a Twinkies recipe. Yes there really is a book full of Twinkies recipes. eh? who knew?

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