Sunday, June 11, 2006

I think i just thought of a way to prevent sports riots. Lower the temp. in the arena. No One ever riots at an ice hockey game. It's too cold.
Here's a cool game: laser chess
I like the idea of a game that involves lasers.
Now that I've seen X-Men I'm looking forward to seeing Pirates of the Caribbean. There's always something to look forward to. I have a friend who's not religious, he says his religion is entertainment. It's the new world order.
Apparently part of the new world order includes invitation only e-mail. Gmail accounts are invite only, who ever heard of such a thing?


Tracy said...

That game looks awesome.

And, GMail is awesome, too. Especially having the notifier that you can download for it. If you need an invite I can throw one your way.

buttercupboxer said...

hmm.. always happy to have another e-mail to keep track of. thanks.