Friday, August 25, 2006

Alas Pluto, we knew thee well...
So Pluto's been demoted! I can hardly believe it!
This brings up so many questions!

1- Will Dell be kicked out of the computer continuum? First their customer service goes down the drain, now their batteries are up in smoke. Really the problem is Sony, but it's not going to do Dell any good, dude.
2- Pasta or Noodles? Who will win the great war?
3- Cats or Dogs? I prefer the inimitable attitude of cats. But hey some people like birds, hamsters or snakes. We all know who prefers hamsters and birds.
4- Chicken or Egg? Really there's no question. Egg! Always the egg! So the first bird had a few scales, that didn't stop him trying to fly.
5- Tomato- Fruit or Veggie? Well it's got seeds so it qualifies as fruit. More importantly To-MA-To or TO-Ma-TO?
6- London or New York? This map pic is my choice.

In other news: Hollywood is crazier then ever, the News is making it up as they go along and reality is far less entertaining than fantasy. Anything for a good story.

PS- Hey terrorist factions, stop flying public transportation! Start building your own flying contraptions, so the rest of us can travel without security nightmares!

PPS- RIP- Bruno Kirby

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