Sunday, August 20, 2006

So we are about to become a bigger solar system or a smaller solar system. The International Astronomical Union is going to vote soon on whether Pluto is still a planet and 3 other alleged space spheres are planets. Cool huh?
Meantime it's funny to see Astronomers and Astrologers duke it out. It's psychology vs. physics. Religion vs. science. Apples and oranges. eh. whatever.
Let's talk Apple. I'm a Mac fan, always have been since, computer camp all those years ago. I've used Amigas, Tandys, Commodores and the average IBM knock off. I own a self built Windows run PC, which I keep around mostly for Tech support for Mom and I'm interested to see what Microsoft does with Vista, whenever that is. I was way more excited by all the intersesting news from the recent Mac developers conference though. So this guy says to me, "you're using a Mac, that's your problem." Uh, yeah, we were dicussing your problem, actually. After using one of the Macs all today, without any hassle, I don't feel so ticked off as sorry for that guy.
From the funny side of life, Venture Bros. was hilarious tonite. And I caught a Simpsons ep. I had never seen before. Woohoo!

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