Thursday, August 03, 2006

huh? There's a lot of things I like. I don't always discuss them with everyone, because I guess I put different things in different boxes. Sounds like the ideal thing to put on a blog. So here are my top 5 secret guilty pleasures, in no particular order:
Cartoons: ok, that's not a surprise, I also like anime. Anything that maks me laugh, feels my chest with a warm glow.
Fantasy Books: there is nothing better then getting lost in a make believe land, i'm always a little sad when it's over.
Marshmallows: it's such a made up food, not found in nature. I find them irresistible, by the handful.
'Skipping Class': well work really. There is nothing better than skipping out of work early to go see the opening day show of say a good pirate or space or dragon or superhero movie. And a good cartoon.
80's music: it can be so shallow or blasphemous, but I really enjoy a lot of it: Duran Duran, Wham!, Depeche Mode, the Cure, Cyndi Lauper, Madonna.
It's Madonna that brings us today's huh? Apparently, she's staging a crucifixion like scene in her current concert. I have nothing to say about various religious symbols or dogma. One of the reasons I like Madonna is that she does what she wants, she takes all the flack and still makes a success of it.
Religious leaders of the world are not pleased with the current goings on. Her Rome concert seems to have drawn mass hatred from said leaders. Interestingly, it may be the only time they've agreed on anything and are on the same side. So Kudos MO for accomplishing in 2 hours, what 1000's of years couldn't do. Unified Religion!
This pic is another of my guilty secrets, my Stikfas colllection.


Tracy said...

I followed Madonna's music all the way through her "Ray Of Light" cd. After that, I kinda lost insterest. But, I agree, I've always been fascinated by her success at doing what she wants.

No matter how offensive or outspoken she may be to some people, she's a master at making money and/or fame out of it. Usually those kinds of people fall through the cracks after a few years.

buttercupboxer said...

it's amazing how few music acts from the 80's have lasted.