Sunday, August 06, 2006

Well I might have more to say about trucks that are big billboards on wheels. Hello? Gas Prices? Global Warming? All to advertise casinos and what not.

In in the duh! news department, Pat Robertson says, 'Well it's hot as hell, I guess I do believe in global warming.' Okay I'm paraphrasing. It's nice when the dense people catch up. Now if we can change his assassination policies, maybe the rest of the world won't think we're such crazy egotistical idiots.

In You Tube news, big oil made a fake video about global science corruption or something. Let's keep the corporation going, use and abuse the small systems that help keep it real and in general make a mess. Oh wait we did. It's just amazing it took this long.

I shall have to resort to one of my favorite Savage Chicken cartoons.

Here's an interesting link with silly quizzes. I love silly quizzes.
And here's a cool link of artists desktops. I'm debating sending mine in. I'll let you know. It's almost as good as checking out people's fridges and medicine cabinets. You know you do.
There was a great episode of Monk and Psych, this past Friday. I love this new (to America) Cable short TV season. I think it pushes the creators to make the most and best of their creativity.

And lastly, this pic is of a famous Gingerbread style Victorian house in my great little city. It's currently up for sale!

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douggold said...

You know I'm glad when people speak out and say they're behind the Global Warming movement, but man, Pat Roberson is a nut. Last person we wanna have out there trying to convince people.