Saturday, October 07, 2006

It's been a while since I've done an entry. I've thought of it a zillion times, but didn't have time. I've done a bit of traveling. And have more to do. I went to Atlanta for Anime Weekend 12. And I went to the Japan festival in Stone Mountain Park. It was fun. It occurred to me that, That weekend is the only vacation that wasn't a working vacation. Usually I go out of town and there's a reason. Fix mom's computer, goto a family thing, fix the place up. I should go on vacation more often, it was nice. Of course, there's the guilt of having a good time and spending money frivolously.
And if the world wasn't crazy before. It seems to be even more so. As an interesting side note, I looked up impeachment on wikipedia. yeesh. I have no further comment on that.
I've been working diligently on my website. I had a time figuring out the CSS. Now I'm trying to work out some scripts to do a few extra things. Web codes have changed a lot recently. Maybe it's the Web 2.0 thing. I found this great little podcast from Harvard. A computer 101 class that actually explains how stuff works. I look forward to learning even more stuff. True I can upgrade a computer or build one from scratch. But I look forward to learning the mechanics behind the tech.
So this pic is a bunch 'o' bonsai from the Japan Festival. And I took it with my phone!

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