Sunday, April 29, 2007

Come tomorrow, this is my house! If a meteor doesn't fall on it or me or the bank. Holy cow I can hardly believe it.
I have to say, I don't often discuss politics in detail. But I'm having hard time seeing the news with all this Bush vetoes the war crap. Someone told me that he thinks he's on a holy mission. Who's idea was that? To get a guy on a holy mission to fight other guys on holy missions? Wasn't that the Crusades? It seems pointless to have a large body or representatives to suggest policies, so that can be voted down by one guy. The whole system seems like frustration after frustration. So I take it out on my NationStates account.
I took a break from packing yesterday and went to the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie and LMAO! It was so fun and campy. It's nice to see Adult Swim get some screen play. Now if we could just get a Venture Bros. movie...
I plan on taking a break next week to see Spider-Man 3! Meantime I have loads to do, including my new 'house blog'. Holy Cow, I'm about to be a house-owner!

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