Monday, July 02, 2007

So I've been totally involved with the house thing. Moving and unpacking and fixing and enjoying. It's been great.
What hasn't been great is the news. I don't know what it is, but it's just making me sad now. I think I reached a saturation point or something. I try to keep up with the headlines, because you can't ignore all the world and it's crap, but it's gotten depressing.
So I do turn to diversionary tactics like: Spider-Man 3- liked it. Pirates 3- loved it. Die Hard 4- great. Ratatouille- super fun! Oceans 13- too cool.
Oddly I'm in the middle of reading the original Peter Pan and I got my first OS X 'Study' book. I'm hoping to certify. And I'm reading Buffy Season 8.
Yea! The Closer is back on! The Medium season ending was a freak out. So was Numbers! And CSI! Monk and Psyched are soon! Hex is great!
Strangely, I'm involved in the yard; something I thought would never happen. Mostly it's the growing of flowers and trees. I hate grass.
Ohhh. I also really like the Wii! I think they changed the name because the first day I had it, I was so thrilled, I kept saying wheee! Great party fun too!
I found this pic on the net somewhere, showing a couple of cops nabbing a thief on their Segways. HA! HA!

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