Friday, July 20, 2007

Well I'm an Otaku. I have to admit I just did the stand in line for the last Harry Potter book. I love that a book has created such a stir. I loved chatting with strangers that were fellow Otaku. I had been thinking I would do the stand in line for Leopard (Mac OS X.5), in October. Mostly to do a live blog entry for But I'd have to drive a couple hours to get to my closest Apple store, so I wasn't that committed. I had such fun tonite, I think I'm definitely going to do it in October. I hear Apple Stores make a big fuss for the whole thing! Anyway I bought 2 copies of the book, even though Amazon delivers mine tomorrow. But I ended up having to work tomorrow and I was worried that the post office might not leave it, even though I have the package box on the porch. I hated the idea of waiting until Monday to start it. So I'll send a copy on to Mom and one to Grandma.

My boos for this week- Scanned copies of the Harry Potter book before release- shame on you. And to all the newspapers who printed secrets and spoilers- Boo! Hiss! Veronica Belmont is leaving Buzz Out Loud- Bummer! I hope Tom Merritt and Molly Wood find a third person with as good a rappoire. I think it works with three people.
My cheers this week- the Simpsons movie- 1 week left! Maria Bamford on the Never Not Funny podcast! The Monk and Psyche season openers! The Hex series ender!

I found this cat a couple of weeks ago. She has gone unclaimed, but I think I've managed to find her a home with another Persian. Persians need a lot of care and I have no experience with them. Plus the long fur makes my eyes itch. I also had promised to take a kitten off a friends hands, so now I can.

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