Saturday, November 11, 2006

mostly it's been a yucky week for me. in the news, democrats are in house control. will it make a difference? will the country suck less? eh, who knows. now there are more resigning religious people. whatever. we seem to be stuck in this state of moral behavior vs. supposed anarchy.
hello middle ground?
hey, did i ever mention that the motto that goes with my last name is "mediocrity is the safe path." i laughed when i heard that the first time, because it fits me somehow.

i'm overloaded with work. my fault really, the pre-thanksgiving rush. and my cat is sick, probably fatally. when i moved into this apartment i ended up with 2 cats. Lucy and Ethel. Lucy died a few years ago and now Ethel is sick. this pic is Lucy and Ethel playing hide-n-seek.

more interesting things are happening at apple, i found this funny shuffle photo on one of the apple news blogs.

i recently found another great apple geek podcast. and the absolutely amazing 'radio adventures of doctor floyd' podcast, which reminds me of Rocky and Bullwinkle. i think R & B was my favorite show when i was little. something about the crazy narration, the goofy stories and the great characters.
and there's this cute cat comic blog. ah the internet, bringing us all lots 'o' cool stuff.

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