Monday, December 25, 2006

Well it's been a while since my last post. I'm sure you can guess what happened. My cat died and I was bummed out for a while. Then I got busy with work and the Christmas rush, which truth be told, I'm not quite over, yet. I always find the fact that life must go on after death a bit disconcerting. Now I'm hoping for a wee rest period and I'm looking forward to a few things.
I have drowned myself in movies and such-like. Eragon the movie- disappointing. Night at the Museum, hilarious. Stranger Than Fiction, amazing. And I finally finished catching up on BattleStar Galactica. Awesome. Now I'm working on Heroes, also awesome. I even understand some of the Japanese spoken by Hiro, which has spurred me on to continue studying. And I've resumed my reading. I'm working on the last few Unfortunate Series, Fruits Basket and a few others. I always feel a bit safer immersed in an imaginary world, particularly when I'm feeling a bit EMO.
I've spent Christmas here in Florida with the folks. I helped my mom set up her new computers and tech for her new business, which is a very cool thing. And after one more night of sleeping on not my own very comfortable bed, I'll be home. With an easyish 3 day work week and another 3 day weekend! Then soon after that- the GA-GaTech Ice Hockey match and the return of good TV! Oh and things are getting interesting in the Harry Potter world. I'll have to update my web pages!
I finally got a G-Mail account, which I'm not impressed with. I've never been a fan of web mail programs. I am perhaps, spoiled to the Mac-mail system. But I haven't spent much time looking at what G-Mail can do, so maybe I'll change my mind. I hear Web mail systems can be great.

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